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The latest Social Network For Trading Tournaments: Betomania Trading Tournament


Have you heard about the latest craze on online trading?

Well, if you happen to haven’t let us give you a ground-breaking update! What you’re on the verge of find out is truly a game-changer for anyone who is tired of plain old binary options trading. Why waste your time and energy trying to win big through traditional online trading when you can actually have a seat with the winner’s table and enjoy an exciting experience? Luckily for you, here is all possible thanks to Betomania!
Betomania is a revolutionary trading tool that is unlike none other! Why? Because this is the world’s first ever real-time social trading tournament the fact that takes social betting to a whole new level! What level, might you ask? Global! You are able to play against hundreds of additional real-life traders from across the world and win big!
Should you be interested in finding out more about

Betomania Trading Tournament

, check out it is main features and advantages!
It’s 100% safe and secure: Betomania Trading Tournament takes security and safety very seriously, which is why the complete website and platform are fully protected from hacker attacks. This means you can relax knowing that your data and income are safe!

It is entirely licensed and licensed:

You might wonder if this is a scam or not, as all that it promises is so amazing. Well, the brief and simple answer is: It is not a scam. In fact , Betomania is familiar with the laws by the Malta Gaming Expert (MGA) and by the SSL Gambling Commission.

You can win big: All it takes is a one to three minute video game and you can win up to 1000% return! Furthermore, this currency trading tool was designed in the manner that facilitates winning. Because of this with a little focus and many strategy, you can win great in a short amount market signals of time!

It’s altogether free:

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is definitely free, but not for prolonged. In order to secure a place on the table, go to the official site and join. Free trial accounts are limited!

All things considered, Betomania Trading Tournament is truly a game-changer for the binary trading industry.
So what are you waiting for? Start playing and win big!

Serious Players. Real Jackpots.
Be a part of the world's rst
ever authentic-time

social network trading stocks tournaments

and show A large number of world wide gamers who's in charge

The best way to Play Betomania
Observe the video clip then observe these 5 straightforward actions to
learn how to play Betomania in minutes!

Want to give it a absolutely free consider?
Now you understand how to play, () download our Application. We have free
tournaments for you to play every day! Later on, take a look at our web site
and browse ideas to sharpen your taking part in abilities.

Move one - Find & enter a activity
Decide on your activity type In accordance with length, number of rounds, jackpot total or asset form (like Facebook, Google, or gold,
as an example).

Move two - Place your bets!
Strategies the quantity of chips you wish to put In the beginning of each and every round. Opt for it!

Step three - Up or down?
There is a several moments to determine over the route of your asset. Will it go up or down? Choose sensibly!

Step 4 - Let the game titles get started!
After you have created your prediction, the sport round starts off. The graph will exhibit Reside motion on the asset, as being the
industry moves.

Phase 5 - Check your winnings!
Right after Every round, you are able to see the way you did. In the event you gained, you should have the chips with which you bet "doubled up." Score!
The participant with quite possibly the most chips at the end of The full game could be the winner!


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